Bank In Republic of Bulgaria - Republika Balgaria - Република България +359

 Banks in the World Banks in Bulgaria

1000 SOFIA, 103, G.S. Rakovski Str.
Tel. 359 2/ 92 66 266, Fax 359 2/ 988 42 54 
Central Cooperative Bank Plc. belongs to the financial group of CCB -Armeets Insurance JSC - CCB-Sila Pension Fund JSC, covering the full range of financial intermediation services 

Central Cooperative Bank Plc is a universal commercial bank, holding full banking license for domestic and international operations. 

CCB is a public company and its shares are traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. The Bank was registered at Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia on March 4, 1999. 

The Bank holds a leading position in servicing Bulgaria's agricultural sector; its goal is to upkeep this leading position by broadening the scope and volume of its operations with agricultural producers in the country. 

In addition, CCB also offers competitive products and services to individuals as well as to small, medium-sized and large enterprises of other industries. 

CCB has been licensed by MasterCard Inc. to issue and accept Eurocard/MasterCard credit cards and international Maestro debit cards. 

CCB is a licensed investment intermediary. 

CCB has been approved by BNB as a primary dealer in government securities. 

CCB reaches its customers through its well-established branch network consisting of 38 branches and over 100 offices to them, virtually covering the territory of the whole country. 

Central Cooperative Bank Plc carries out its international activity via a broad correspondent network of over 300 banks all over the world. The Bank maintains 18 Nostro accounts in all major foreign currencies. 

CCB is an agent of the Western Union international money transfer system. 

Central Cooperative Bank Plc is an associated member of the European Association of Cooperative Banks, based in Brussels and a member of the International Cooperative Banking Association. 

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