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emptyspace.gif (920 bytes) Topping Industrial Co., Ltd.
Address : Unit B,29 Lee Chung Street, Hop Sze Fty. Bldg., 7/F, Chai Wan, Hong Kong. 
Tel : 852-25573255 
Fax : 852-28970274 
Email : topping@netvigator.com 

Contact : Mr. Suen Sin Tack
Products/Services : Small domestic electrical appliances including: Personal Hair Care products such as steam and floked curler sets,curling iron and styling brushed :water-proof massager et Kitchen appliances such as potato peelers with juicer and salad spinner,Quick Drip Coffee Maker, Plastic Hot Kettle. Other such as Deluxe aircleaner with ionizer and various other air cleaners


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