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emptyspace.gif (920 bytes) Company name: Dah Bang Printing Ink Manufactory Ltd
Address: Unit D, 16/F., Dragon Centre, 79 Wing Hong Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon 
Tel: 2525-9261 
Fax: 2810-0137 
E-mail: dahbang@dahbang.com  
Contact Person: Mr.Andy Ming 
Website: http://www.dahbang.com  
Business: "Dah Bang" was founded in Shanghai since 1927, relocated to Hong Kong in 1949. We are one of the largest Printing Materials Suppliers in Hong Kong and China. We provide quality products, reliable delivery, competitive pricing, after sales services and solution/idea for our clients. In 2002, an associated company of "Dah Bang" named "Kunshan Rosathal Printing Ink Limited" was established in Suzhou, producing 4-Process Colour Ink, Spot Colour Ink, Varnish and Resin


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